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Eucifence is the most versatile and attractive fence around with a multitude of uses from front fence to wind and privacy screen to temporary fence and because it is difficult to climb it makes a great security fence as well.

Made with timber from durable Eucalypt species and high quality corrosion resistant wire, Eucifence is tough and long lasting It will conform to any gradient and any radius and can be fixed using screws, nails or staples.

Eucifence with a 10mm space between the pales makes a very effective weather and privacy screen. Fence with a 10mm space comes in rolls up to 3.6m long, is extremely versatile and has a multitude of uses. It can be left to grey or can be painted or stained to achieve the desired finish.

Standard roll lengths are 5.0 m and 10.0 m but we can make any length up to 10 m.
We can deliver to all states.

Price per linear metre [including GST] Pale spacing / average number of pales per metre
Fence height 10mm / 18 pales 40mm / 12 pales 65mm / 9 pales 90mm / 7 pales
0.600 $74.90 $52.49 $41.50 $34.50
0.900 $98.07 $65.90 $49.90 $41.90
1.200 $117.9 $78.90 $59.90 $48.90
1.500 $131.50 $87.90 $67.90 $54.90

Non Standard Sizes POA

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