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Welcome to Wattle & Wire

Wattle & Wire was established in 2012 to supply a range of fencing products to the landscape, garden and environmental engineering fields.

FOR SALE. Wattle&Wire is looking for new owners. After ten rewarding years, we have decided to offer Wattle&Wire to someone else who is passionate about trees, timber and making beautiful and sustainable products. We have a secure supply of high-quality mature plantation timbers and a suite of well recognised products with a growing market. If you are interested, you can contact Geoff on 0419381874 or Jim on 0418 521 315.

We use small diameter logs, to produce split pale fencing, decorative fence panels and sheep hurdles, gates and Ti Tree Stake Fence.

We also produce Beachmaster® Sand Fence which is an erosion control fence - an indispensable aid in protecting our dune and beach systems from erosion.

Garden Fence

Split Pale Fence

All our garden fences are handmade and no two fences will ever be identical, offering you a unique, long lasting and beautiful addition to your garden. More...

Erosion Control Fence

Beachmaster Sand Fence

Beachmaster® Sand Fence is designed to provide coastal land managers with one multiuse tool which offers a broad range of options to deal with erosion at a very budget friendly cost. More...

Green Wood Panels

Split Wattle Panel Fence

Green wood panels are made in 1.2m x 1.2m sections which are easy to handle and can be screwed to posts or simply tied together to form a 1.2m square enclosure. More...



Eucifence is the most versatile and attractive fence around. With a multitude of uses, it's strong and durable and when installed without rails is very hard to climb.More...